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Our team

The network is operated by FREIGHT FORWARDERS NETWORK SOLUTIONS IRELAND a limited liability company registered in Limerick, Ireland, with no ties to any other company, group, or institution. The network's daily operations are managed by a group of experienced network operators from different countries.

Antonio Torres - President and Founder

Antonio Torres

Antonio is the founder and owner of Globalia Logistics Network.

On starting GLOBALIA, Antonio says, "My other exclusive network, Conqueror Freight Network, was pretty much full meaning that we could no longer offer memberships to all great forwarders out there without losing the exclusivity aspect. With that in mind, it seemed like the right time to launch a new network, Globalia, which would offer the same exclusivity and benefits as Conqueror to more first-class forwarders out there. I believe that the best companies out there all deserve a place in a network like Conqueror and Globalia if they want it."

Before GLOBALIA: Antonio had been in the logistics business for over 19 years prior to starting Conqueror Freight Network and The Cooperative Logistics Network and now Globalia; working as Seafreight Manager at Exel Logistics, Line Manager at the shipping line Hyundai Merchant Marine and Key Account Manager at Geodis, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. Most notably, Antonio was Executive Manager of the Spanish branch of the French Forwarder Logfret. Under his guidance, Logfret went from a small business entity in 2004 to one of the leading firms in 2011. Since leaving his role in Logfret, Antonio has successfully founded and operated two networks, GLOBALIA is his third.

Francisco Pérez – Head Office Manager

Francisco Pérez

Francisco is responsible for the head office, distributing his time coordinating Globalia's team as well as increasing the global coverage of Globalia by searching and recruiting only the best companies for membership.

On working at GLOBALIA, Francisco says, "It is a pleasure for me to work with our current and potential agents on a daily basis, watching Globalia grow and consolidate its rightful place as elite network."

Before GLOBALIA: Francisco spent several years working for BNP, where he gained experience in coordination, team responsibility, human resource management and results orientation and, above all, the importance of communication in a large company.

Virginia Molpeceres - Accounting Manager

Virginia Molpeceres

Virginia is responsible for accounting as well as all internal issues at the network.

On working at GLOBALIA, Virginia says, "With agents all over the world, all with varying daily assistance, it can be difficult to coordinate everything and ensure it is completed in a timely manner, but here at GLOBALIA, we always aim to be as professional as possible!"

Before GLOBALIA: Virginia assisted in the development and implementation of new procedures to enhance the workflow of sales departments in different companies. Virginia also attended different international and national conferences and trade fairs.

Eduardo Knowles - Agent Coordinator Supervisor

Eduardo Knowles

Eduardo is one of the day to day faces of Globalia, assisting members with any questions or problems they may have, and ensuring that the work of our Agent Coordination Team is of the highest standards.

On working at GLOBALIA, Eduardo says, "It is a real pleasure to help make the daily operations of our members easier and to assist our Head Office team in whatever way I can."

Before GLOBALIA: Eduardo spent six years in different companies right across Europe gaining a real insight into international business. Whilst in in these positions he coordinated teams for different projects and ensured the outcomes were up to the required standard and completed on time.

Isabel Magdaleno - Agent Coordinator Assistant

Isabel Magdaleno

Isabel is a member of the Agent Coordination team and, as such, she is always on hand to assist members in the best way possible, whatever the issue

On working at GLOBALIA, Isabel says, "I am happy to help members to answer any question or solve any issue that may arise within the network."

Before GLOBALIA: Isabel has almost twenty years of experience in education, translation and in international departments of various companies from different fields, dealing with customers from all over the world. She has gathered a broad experience in multicultural environments where she was fully committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Simon Moore – Membership Development Coordinator


Simon plays a key role in researching and recruiting the best companies for membership in GLOBALIA.

On working at GLOBALIA, Simon says, "It is a real pleasure finding first class companies to join the network which can add value through their professionalism and expertise."

Before GLOBALIA: Simon spent five years in Italy teaching people from across the globe. He gained valuable experience in customer service, results orientation, and above all of the importance of good communication.

Manuel Cardona – IT Manager

Manuel Cardona

Manuel is responsible for implementing and maintaining Globalia's technology infrastructure.

On working at GLOBALIA, Manuel says, "It's a challenge for me to be involved in an exciting sector with professionals who have a lot of experience moving data, people and goods across the world."

Before GLOBALIA: Manuel worked in the IT sector for 20 years, focusing on the digitisation of business processes. His key tech positions in different sectors such as Antivirus Software, Health, Human Resource and Education, in various sized companies, have given him a broad experience and an extensive knowledge of the field.

María Serrano - PR - Event Coordinator

María Serrano

María is responsible for organising Globalia’s annual meeting as well as the network's communications. This includes writing individual articles for our members and press releases announcing significant network news to the wider logistics world.

On working at GLOBALIA, María says, "It's an honour for me to have the opportunity to work with such professional agents and help them in their promotion."

Before GLOBALIA: Maria has worked in different international companies managing projects in trade shows worldwide, developing marketing campaigns and organizing events.

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