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An exclusive network of the highest calibre freight forwarders in each key air/seaport worldwide who operate in an environment of disciplined cooperation under a single brand name - That's the Globalia formula for growing your business!

Globalia Logistics Network awards each agent their own local market where they enjoy all the benefits previously only afforded by the multinationals; a global brand, reliable partners everywhere, delimited territories, and much more!

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Globalia members receive everything they need to succeed; routed cargo, freehands and sales leads in your exclusive territory from partners worldwide.

Disciplined Cooperation means never again will you work with fishermen who take but never offer business. Instead you will gain new business through mutually cooperative partnerships.
As part of a global brand name with high-calibre agents, wordlwide members are able to bid for the largest contracts.

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Globalia members are the personification of reliability, quality and trust and as such, every applicant must prove they are reputable, solvent and competitive before joining us. Our rigorous selection process and regular checks of each member's financial status ensure all our members are of the same high calibre.
All agents are responsible for adding value to the brand and bringing new business to the network.
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